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Annually, Walker Commercial Services, Inc., conducts 40 to 60 Real Estate Auctions. Additionally, Walker lists and sells Real Estate properties for Banks, Corporate Clients, Attorneys and the U.S. Bankruptcy Court of the Western District of Virginia. Walker Commerical Services, Inc. is properly Bonded, Insured and Licensed to conduct Real Estate Sales and Real Estate and Large Equipment Auctions throughout Virginia, North Carolina, West Virginia, Tennessee and Maryland. In an average year, Walker Commercial Services, Inc., sells between 100 to 150 pieces of Real Estate and 250 to 300 pieces of Equipment.

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In selecting an Auction Company for a future alliance, it is important to consider several factors. Our successful track record, satisfied clients, and excellent references confirm the abilities of a knowledgeable, thorough staff of professionals.
We serve clients throughout the Mid-Atlantic and our customer satisfaction has been built upon well-informed market information resulting in successful transactions for both sellers and buyers. Attached is our list of clients, attorneys and past auction history.

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The Auction Method is used in selling Real Estate to create a level of interest and sense of immediacy that is unparalleled by other methods. The Auction Method presents a decision-making deadline to the buyer, as opposed to the open-ended process of the conventional Listing of property, which allows for contracts that are “Subject to” for the purchase of a property.


Walker Commercial Services, Inc., located in Roanoke, Virginia and serving multiple states with Real Estate Sales, Auctions and Listings. 

We specialize Trustee Foreclosure Auctions, “Bank Owned Property” sales, liquidation of equipment, commercial/warehouse listings and leasing. These include commercial properties, investment properties, industrial properties, warehouses, large tracts of land, farms and other types of real estate. 

We pride ourselves on long standing working relationships with Financial Institutions, Substitute Trustees, Bankruptcy Courts, Bankruptcy Trustees as well as many individual sellers and investors. 

Walker has a full-time Equipment Appraiser on staff, conducting Certified USPAP Appraisals on equipment including industrial, construction, logging, mining and many other types. 

Our auctioneers conduct public “Live Auctions” on-site, as well as consignment equipment auctions at our secure equipment lot in Roanoke, Virginia, bringing a surge of energy, excitement, and competition to the property. Using the latest real-time platforms, we host live auction bidding, simultaneously with on-location auction or independently as online auctions, across multiple digital platforms. 



Walker Commercial Services, Inc. conducts between five and ten Equipment Auctions each year. Some of the Auctions that we conduct are handled on-site as a “Live Auction”, some are conducted on our Roanoke Auction Facility, where we transport and store equipment for banks and Attorneys and consignment equipment and handle a “Live Auction” and other Auctions that we conduct are handled as a “Bulk Sale”. 

Additionally, we conduct simultaneous on-line and “Live Auctions”, so that buyers who cannot attend the Auction can bid, just as if they were on-site. A large percentage of our buyer’s come through the on-line bidding. We use “Bid Wrangler” which provides the on-line bidding and the computerize clerking system. This allows buyers to check out and pay the clerk, immediately after purchasing item(s). This alleviates long lines and allows the checkout process to move quickly. Our computer system also generates detailed Reports of the Auction for the seller. 


Timing of Auction

Ideally, we recommend the Auction be held in a six to eight week (6-8) time frame. The time frame depends upon the Auction Agreement being signed between the seller and the Auction Company, the necessary pre-auction work to the property, research for the due diligence, etc. This will allow an adequate time frame to gather all pertinent data, design and implement the promotional program to maximize advertising exposure for an intense marketing campaign, that we feel is necessary to obtain the highest and best price for the property. 

We will hold two to three (2-3) on-site property previews/inspections, by prospective buyers, prior to the sale day and the property will also be shown by appointment, upon request. Additionally, depending upon the type of property, we will encourage the potential buyers to access the property any time, at their leisure. 


Benefits of Auctioning

Bringing the Market to You

The Auction Method is used in selling Real Estate to create a level of interest and sense of immediacy that is unparalleled by other methods. The Auction Method presents a decision-making deadline to the buyer, as opposed to the open-ended process of the conventional Listing of property, which allows for contracts that are “Subject to” for the purchase of a property. 

The compressed time-frame of an Auction also results in a reduction of the Owner’s carrying costs.

The quick resolution of the Auction Method generates the following benefits: 

  • An Auction can bring all potential buyers together quickly in a competitive situation which can often result in a higher price than through a traditional negotiated sale. 
  • The Auctioning of special purpose properties can carefully target the limited number of potential buyers in a short period of time. 
  • An Auction can provide relief from holding costs such as interest on loans, or convert equity to provide a return of investment. 
  • The Auction Contracts are “No Contingency Contracts”. This also prevents a buyer from “tie up” the property – during any inspection or contingency period – with the possibility of cancelling the Contract and the Seller being left back at “Square One”. 
  • The cost of ongoing maintenance, paying insurance, and the avoidance of potential vandalism, etc. 

Please contact us today. We look forward to being your partnering with you through this remarkably fast and effective process.

Our Services Include

  • Foreclosure Real Estate Auctions
  • Real Estate Listings and Sales
  • Bank Owned Real Estate Sales (Commercial and Residential)
  • Rolling Stock Equipment Auctions
  • Broker Opinions of Value (Real Estate)
  • Real Estate Auctions
  • Equipment Appraisals
  • Large Land Tract Sales and Auctions
  • Industrial Buildings and Warehouses
  • Bankruptcy Court Sales
  • Industrial Equipment Auctions
  • Land Development
  • Site Evaluations
  • Complete Liquidation Auctions (Commercial Business)
  • Warehouse and Office Leasing





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