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Staff at Walker Commercial Services 

Dominic has been involved in real estate as an investor for over 10 years-- buying, selling, renovating, and renting residential properties within the Roanoke market. He recently joined Walker Commercial Services, making real estate a full-time endeavor. 

Before getting involved in real estate, Dominic worked for 20 years in domestic and international corporate finance. Leaning on his background in accounting, operations and financial analysis, he has helped streamline key components of Walker Commercial’s marketing and operations in order to generate new leads and strengthen existing partnerships. Dominic's analytics and growth mindset has only strengthened Walker Commercial Services’ already robust team of agents and business leaders. 

Dominic is a Villanova graduate (GO CATS!) and when he’s not thinking all things real estate, you can find him outside, hiking, biking, playing soccer, or gardening with his wife and two busy boys. 

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