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At Walker Commercial Services, we are regionally known for our equipment and machinery liquidation and consignment auctions. We work directly with financial institutions, attorneys, the Bankruptcy Court of the Western District of Virginia, as well as individual sellers to appraise and auction equipment and machinery of all types. Walker Commercial has a full-time Equipment Appraiser on staff that conducts Certified USPAP appraisals on all equipment and machinery that comes through our shop. 

Our equipment auctions are conducted “live,” on-site at our secure equipment lot in Roanoke, VA, and are simultaneously hosted online through our digital auction platform. The synergy of on-site and online bidding brings a surge of excitement and competition that help to maximize your asset’s potential. 

At Walker Commercial, we strive to provide the best solutions to all our clients. Our successful track record and client satisfaction in the auction business affirms the abilities of a knowledgeable and thorough team of professionals with unparalleled methods. 

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