Compare Listings


Like with any big decision, you will want to weigh the pros and cons.

To help you, we’ve pulled together a comparison of a Walker Commercial Services Auction versus a Traditional Listing Method.

Walker Commercial Services Auction
Traditional Listing Method
               You Pick Your Sale Day.
Our auctions are held within 30 days of                    listing. Now you can move on.
Your Property Sells When a Buyer
Decides to Buy.
In today’s economy, properties stay on the market for almost a year or more on average.
You Pick Your Closing Day.
Our sales generally close within 30 days
of auction.*
The Buyer Negotiates When to Close.
Closings can be delayed for multiple reasons and can extend for 45 days or longer.

We Provide Sales Strategies to
Best Suit Your Needs.

Are you aggressive, moderately aggressive
or risk averse? You select the best sales strategy to suit your style.
It is a One-Size-Fits-All Approach to Your Sale.
It’s selling your property the way it’s always been done. Your Agent will list your property in MLS, tell other agents about it, put an ad in the local home sales classified and wait for potential
buyers to call.
Reduces Costs Related to Paying For the Home You Want to Sell.
Selling your property within 30 days reduces continued costs of mortgage payments and property maintenance. There are no further financial obligations after closing.
Cost of Waiting to Sell Can be Substantial.
Mortgage, insurance and maintenance costs can mount while waiting for the right buyer and during elongated listing, escrow, and closing periods (see cost of waiting calculator on home page).
Competition forces buyers to bid their highest and best offer.
Buyers Make Offers Without Incentive to “Out-Bid” Other Buyers. 
Lack of competition doesn’t encourage buyers to present their highest and best offer.
We Attract the Largest Possible
Pool of Buyers.

Our proven live auction strategy with the added convenience of real time online bidding opens your auction to the largest possible buyer pool and heightens the competition.
One Buyer Submits a Stand-Alone
Offer to Your Agent.

It’s difficult for you to know whether the offer being presented is a good value to you because it’s a private transaction without competitive bids.
Auction Sales are Final.
Our purchase contracts are “As Is, Where Is” and do not allow for any buyer contingencies such as financing, repairs, appraisal, or inspections.
Buyers Often
Negotiate Contingencies.

Repairs, buyer financing, and/or inspection contingencies are often expected.
You are Our Client.
We represent only the seller and our goal is to maximize the sale of each property.
Agents Often Represent
Both Buyers and Sellers.

The primary goal of your agent is to get the deal done with the actual sales price or value playing a secondary role.
A Team of Marketing Experts
Works For You.

Our success depends on our ability to have consistently high sales performance. We apply precision marketing, using the most current data available and market your real estate locally-to-globally to attract interested buyers who will compete for your property.
Your Agent is Your Marketing Expert.
Marketing is typically local and not targeted to specific buyers. Emphasis is placed on your listing in MLS, an open house and alerting other agents to your newly listed property.
Sophisticated Sales Performance Analysis.
Full, detailed valuation prepared by experienced specialists based on thousands of data points and predictive price models.
Speculative Sales Analysis.
Listing price tends to be the highest combination of what you and your Agent would like your property to sell for and often results in price reductions or lower than expected offers.
60+ Years of Auction Experience.
There is an art and science to auction that delivers the best possible market value.  Our expertise is based on four generations of world-class auctioneers combined with top talent from technology, media and real estate.
Varying Degrees of Experience.
It’s pretty simple to secure a real estate license to become an agent. Gathering a century of real estate sales experience is very hard.
Real Time Performance.
Our online infrastructure features let you monitor exactly how your property is being marketed and how many people are responding. You are never left guessing.
Your Agent will Keep You Informed.
You hope your agent will keep you up-to-speed on how your property is being marketed and how many people are interested in your property.

Auction Timeline

Your Auction Services Agreement has been received! Now we are ready to begin.
DAYS 1-7
Your Auction Marketing Campaign has been launched.
Your property details and photos on williamsauction.com have been posted.
Your Auction date has been scheduled.
Auction signs have been placed on your property and at key intersections.
A title review on your property has begun.
DAYS 7-15
Your custom Auction Marketing Campaign continues.
Your open inspections will be scheduled.
Prepare your property for scheduled viewings.
DAYS 16-29
Your custom Auction Marketing Campaign continues.
Open inspections at your property will be hosted.
We analyze and adjust marketing based on response rate.
DAY 30
Auction day is here.
We arrive two hours prior to Auction to open for final viewing.
Our expert Auction team arrives to prepare for the event.
Bidders compete live at your property and online to buy.
The High Bidder signs contract and pays the down payment.
We coordinate the closing process.
DAY 60

Your property closes.


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